When Will My Car Be Ready?

This is the most frequently asked question at our Santa Clara auto body shop. Please read below for the answer to this question and more.
How long will it take to fix my car?
To start, it depends on the amount and the severity of the damage. Other factors are the type of vehicle and availability of parts — the more common the car, the more likely the parts will be readily available. As cars have become more complex, it is more common now to uncover unseen damage during the repair process. This means added time to order parts and make repairs. We will always give you our best estimate of the time required when we write your estimate, and will keep you posted regularly during the repair process.
How do I pay for it?
You will be responsible for paying the deductible to the repair shop. This can be paid by cash, check or VISA/Mastercard on completion of the work. The insurance company is responsible for paying for the balance of the repairs. While it is the insurance company's responsibility to pay their share of the damage, it is the customer, or vehicle owner's ultimate responsibility to make sure all repair costs are paid. All work is performed for you, the customer, not your insurance company.
Can you match the paint on my car?
Paint matching has become a science in our business. Our computerized paint mixing system helps us achieve an accurate color match your car. We mix our own paint and blend the adjacent panels around the damaged section as necessary to insure color consistency. With today’s technology and our paint curing ovens, we duplicate your car’s factory finish in both color and durability. You won’t be able to tell the difference.
Do you use after-market parts or original parts?
By law, your insurance company is obligated to repair your car to its pre-accident condition. In some cases, they may request that we use after-market parts. If this becomes an issue, we’ll let you know. In general, usage of after-market parts is an issue between you and your insurance carrier. We will keep you informed if this situation comes up.
How is payment handled if someone else hits me?
In this case, you are considered the claimant and are entitled to restoration of your car to pre-accident condition. All you need to do is contact the driver’s insurance company and tell them where you intend to have your car repaired. In some cases, you may also be entitled to a rental car. You should not be required to pay for the repair of any damage inflicted at the time of the accident.

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