Will this New App Cut Down on Distracted Driving?

on Monday, 03 February 2020.

By now, everyone should know that texting and driving are dumb and dangerous. It's so bad, in fact, that a new startup is now encouraging those on the road around you to pick up their cell phones and submit a short video clip of your wrongdoings, to earn some cash if you're driving distracted.

At Anderson Behel, we know that distracted driving is a national problem, so that's why we're happy to tell you about Text to Ticket, a newer startup based in San Francisco, CA. It was established when a group of close friends were crossing the roadway and nearly hit by a driver who was distracted by its phone and nearly ended their life. After several days of brainstorming, the group decided to design a platform to help protect pedestrians and other cars out on the road.

The goal of Text to Ticket is to cut down on tasks that are considered texting while driving, by using a new mobile app that earns tattlers a little cash. The entire idea of this platform revolves around other people out on the road by accessing the app while in the passenger seat of a moving car. All the user has to do is capture a short video of the distracted driver and upload it promptly to Text to Ticket. Once the video is reviewed and submitted to the local police, the user receives a monetary reward.

There are a handful of stipulations to the video that's submitted in order for the user to see the money. First off, the driver must clearly be using their cell phone, so both that the driver and the phone can be seen clearly. Secondly, the vehicle's license plate must be captured in order to make sure that the video clip is legit. The occasion's location, speed and distance will be recorded in a report sent to Text to Ticket. Lastly, the video is reviewed by a panel to make certain that it's admissible to law enforcement based on the standards that the company sets forth.

Once the video is completely approved, the user is paid five bucks by Text to Ticket. One question, where does Text to Ticket get the money to pay the tattler? By working closely with law enforcement, this startup can hopefully save peoples' lives. A police officer will first review and approve the video footage, then issue a citation to the vehicle's registered owner in order to receive a referral payment, before passing a portion of it over to the tattler/concerned citizen.

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