What We'll Be Riding in 2040

on Friday, 06 March 2015. Posted in News

It's the Firanse R3, The Car of the Future!

firanse-r3-futuristic-vehicle-by-luis-cordoba3At Anderson Behel in Santa Clara, CA we pride ourselves on embracing the latest technology available to do a superior job on every vehicle we repair. With newer cars, you have to have the proper training and equipment to fix them and that’s why we’re certified to work on many of today’s leading brands. Will we be ready to fix this car when it finally hits the roads in 2040? Who knows?

Firanse R3 futuristic car is the future vision of ecological car in 2040. There’s no limit what can be created, everything is possible using a wide variety of materials and sizes, and recycling process has been completely rewritten. Cars would be cheaper and more efficient due to smaller internal parts and less complex system, developed and constructed in one place. If there’s anything broken, it can be transformed back to its basic shape and form to be later re-designed and re-produced. You can even add different things to create your own car that complements your lifestyle.

Designed by Luis Cordoba, Firanse R3 futuristic car aims to be a completely affordable, ecological, and easily personalized transportation. It consists of 2 parts: the cab that holds the seats, batteries and other crucial controls, while the second parts are the modular wheels that give you control over the engine, brakes, suspension and direction system.

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