Volvo Wins More Safety Awards

on Wednesday, 25 September 2019.

This is an article that appeared recently on the Volvo company web site. As a Volvo certified shop, all of us at Anderson Behel are proud and prepared to work on Volvos for our 5-star customers.
"We have some of the world’s leading safety experts at Volvo Cars, who help us stay at the forefront when it comes to automotive safety. This week, two of them received a special award from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, America’s primary automotive safety body.
It is a truth universally acknowledged that Volvo Cars is one of the world’s leading safety brands. And we’re not just saying that: our brand is built on over 90 years of safety heritage that demonstrates our focus on protecting the people inside and outside our cars. We invented the three-point safety belt, we came up with new test procedures that later became an industry standard and we have been a leader in active safety systems.
Because of that pioneering spirit, we also get regular outside recognition for our leading role in automotive safety. This week saw the latest example: two of our safety engineers were recognized by American traffic safety body NHTSA for their role in boosting car safety with the so-called “U.S. Government Safety Engineering Excellence and Special Awards of Appreciation”. Both Mikael Ljung Aust and Martin Magnusson were honored for their safety contributions at the International Technical Conference on the Enhanced Safety of Vehicles (ESV) in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
Dr Mikael Ljung Aust is one of Volvo Cars’ most prominent safety researchers and specializes in applying behavioral science research into crash avoidance. In the past 20 years, he has published or co-published more than 30 scientific papers on subjects such as driver distraction, collision warning, and avoidance systems, as well as the potential safety impact of self-driving technology.
“As we made clear earlier this year, a large part of the remaining gap to achieve our 2020 Safety Vision is behavioral. Distraction, drowsiness, and intoxication are three of the main remaining causes of traffic accidents, which is why we are so focused on analyzing human behavior behind the wheel,” says Mikael. “That knowledge is absolutely necessary for us to be able to create smart technologies that help people become better drivers and boost overall traffic safety.”
Martin Magnusson has been one of the driving forces behind the introduction of our world-first City Safety technology and other active safety systems. With his technical skills, experience, and belief in success, he and his colleagues in the development team have implemented a number of world-leading active safety systems, underlining Volvo’s safety credentials. More recently, he has been one of the key people involved in Volvo Cars’ development of autonomous drive technologies.
“The development of active safety technology has been a revolution for car safety, and the purpose of my work has always been to save lives,” says Martin. “To play a leading part in the development of technologies that can limit or even prevent accidents from happening has always given me lots of joy and inspiration.”
Mikael and Martin are only the latest Volvo Cars safety experts to win these NHTSA awards. Our ranks count more than a dozen previous winners of these accolades. The most recent winners of these special awards were Magdalena Lindman and Per Lenhoff in 2017, preceded by Trent Victor and Jonas Ekmark in 2015."
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