Top Five Fourth of July Songs

on Saturday, 04 July 2020.

1.) America - Neil Diamond

From the god-awful soundtrack to the god-awful movie The Jazz Singer, "Coming to America" is Neil Diamond at his overblown best. When Neil breaks into "My Country Tis of Thee," listeners will either get goosebumps or waves of nausea

2.) Indoor Fireworks - Elvis Costello

The explosions at the heart of this great song have nothing to do with the 4th, but the passion and emotion in Costello's voice is still a marvel.

3.) Fourth of July - Dave Alvin

Robert Earl Keen does a killer version of this roots-rock classic, but Alvin's original is a powerful song that incorporates the holiday into a tale of a relationship going sour

4.) Born in the USA - Bruce Springsteen

The Boss wrote this anthem of independence and respect for all the right reasons. Many people picked this #1, but it made #4 on our list. 

5.) America the Beautiful - Ray Charles

The legendary Ray Charles tackles a patriotic warhorse and turns into a true expression of the freedom and selflessness that makes American great.

Sources: Dallas Morning News and Entertainment Tonight

Happy 4th of July from all of us at Anderson Behel, the finest body shop in the USA! 

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