These High-Tech Car Features will be Standard by 2025

on Sunday, 31 January 2021.

Car technology is exploding at an all-time rate and experts say that it will only gain more momentum for a wide range of reasons. With brilliant people all over the world striving to invent new, innovative technology that can impact personal transportation in a big way, this is something all of us at Anderson Behel in Santa Clara, CA is interested in.

Predicting the next big thing is hard, but here is our list of what we believe will be the most important car technological advances in the next decade. We anticipate that these five innovations will be a part of our lives by the year 2025 at the latest.

1.) Autonomous Vehicles: By taking the human element out of the driving experience, self-driving cars will save lives and enhance our existence. We will be able to be more productive because driving is essentially a waste of time. By 2023, we will see a fair amount of self-drivers out on the roads of the Bay Area we imagine, but I would bet that they won't become commonplace until 2025. The autonomous automotive movement will change everything about transportation, because our roads, car insurance, and things like fuel consumption will evolve while driver's training schools will quickly become extinct.

2.) Biometric Vehicle Access Systems: Keyless entry is now pretty much "been there done that" and currently featured on many cars. But soon we will be able to start our vehicles with our fingerprints or even our eyeballs. By using fingerprint readers and/or retina scanners, your keys will be a thing of the past and your car will answer only to you.

3.) Vehicle Health Monitoring: Now this one is like something out of the Six Million Dollar Man, the old popular TV show starring Lee Majors. With sensors in your car's seatbelts or steering wheel, you will be to track vital statistics, though the brisk development of wearable technology means most cars will just wirelessly pair with these devices (think about cell phones for your body). Combine this with critical autonomous car technology and you’ve got a vehicle that can pull over by itself and call paramedics if the driver has a heart attack or seizure.

4.) Smart/Personalized In-Car Marketing: If you have a fairly new vehicle, you’re already getting Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail ads based on your lifestyle in your car. By 2025, almost every new vehicle will be fully connected to the Internet, which means that your vehicle will provide marketing companies with a potent set of metrics to tailor their messages for you. Hopefully, these will be opt-in features that you don't have to see unless you choose to.

5.) Reconfigurable Body Panels: Rather than adapting to your car, why not do it the other way around? Today's smaller SUVs are growing in popularity in a big way and truck sales are at an all-time high, primarily based on the new aluminum Ford F-150. But, what if you could have both vehicle types morphed into one super truck? Think about it--an SUV with lightweight body panels and high-tech motors that can retract the vehicle's roof and side glass into the lower body panels. It could happen and will!

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