The AWS Makes Sure We Weld it Right!

on Thursday, 11 June 2015.

Being Members of the American Welding Society Means We Do it Safely and Correctly

imagesIf your car has been damaged during an accident, whether it’s a minor fender bender or something more serious, it’s likely that the body repair professionals at Anderson Behel in Santa Clara, CA will be welding on your car at some point during the repair.

The welding industry has changed considerably in the last 10-20 years, so to be proficient and skilled at this art requires education and training. And that’s why we’re proud members of the American Welding Society (AWS). By knowing how to properly, safely and seamlessly weld on any vehicle, Anderson Behel is doing it right each and every time.

This non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the science, technology, and application of welding and allied joining and cutting processes, including brazing, soldering, and thermal spraying. Through their publications, internet forums, member services, local and national events, educational resources, networking activities, and certification procedures, AWS keeps welding professionals and those interested in materials science up to date with the most current advances and procedures in the industry.

With today’s sophisticated cars, it’s more important than ever that your body shop be certified to repair your type of vehicle and that’s why at Anderson Behel, we’ve invested in the finest training, equipment and tools to do an O.E. repair on each and every Honda, Porsche Acura, Nissan and Subaru that comes into our shop. Why not work with a body shop that is qualified, experienced and certified by the carmaker itself to work on your car? It just makes good sense and that’s why we proudly tell the world that we’re certified on these 5 leading brands.

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