Ten Cars Most Likely to Go 250,000 Miles

on Tuesday, 15 April 2014.

If You Have One, You're Probably Smiling Right Now

2014-honda-accord-sedan-sport-exterior-side1Back in the old days, if you got 100,000 miles out of a car that was considered good. Today’s engines can do 300,000 miles without failing and some large commercial trucks with diesel engines can go up to half a million miles!

At Anderson Behel, Santa Clara’s top-ranked collision repair facility in Silicon Valley, we admire and respect these new vehicles, because they’re safer, more durable and last longer. We’re always poised and ready to repair your vehicle every time you get into an accident, and if you own one of these cars (listed below) you’ll hopefully drive it for many years to come.

Based on listings for 30 million vehicles between model years 1981 and 2010 that were advertised for sale during 2013, iSeeCars.com determined which vehicles were going to go the distance for you. Keep in mind these rankings do not reflect current condition of the vehicle or its reliability – just that it’s still turning its wheels on the road.

Here are the results, in order of most to least ads featuring cars with more than 200,000 miles: Honda Accord Subaru Legacy Toyota Avalon Honda Odyssey Nissan Maxima Toyota Camry Ford Taurus Honda Civic Acura TL Subaru Outback

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