Summerization Checklist

on Friday, 29 May 2015. Posted in News

Make Sure to Get Your Car Ready (and Safe) for Your Summer Journeys

Happy peopleSummer is here that’s pretty clear. Courtesy of Anderson Behel, one of Silicon Valley’s top body shops, here is a quick checklist that you should go through before embarking on any trip this summer.

The following will not only help keep you safe, but will also increase your fuel efficiency:

Oil check - Perform regular oil checks every 3,000 miles or every 3 months; otherwise, the engine may overheat and cut your tip short. When checking oil, look both for the oil level and for oil quality – if it’s too low or dark and dirty, it may be time for a complete change.

Tire check - Start by swapping winter tires for lighter, summer ones. Before setting off, adjust pressure according to your manual, and especially if carrying considerable load. Also always have a good spare ready, and check for misaligned or worn-out tires (with insufficient tread), or improperly inflated (overinflated or underinflated) tires.

Battery check – Make sure the battery isn’t overcharging, and is holding a charge well.

Radiator and coolant check – In order to keep the engine cool, check coolant levels are fine, and the fan belt is working properly, and that there are no coolant leaks when your car has been parked for a while.

Hoses and belts – Do a visual check, ensuring they’re firm and free from cracks or other damage.

Brake check - Have your brakes checked by a specialist, especially if there is a loud grinding sound (like metal against metal) when you brake. Other symptoms you will want to look out for include warning lights on the dashboard, or unusual brake pedal behavior, like being very hard or very soft.

Air filter and AC check – Examine the air filter and replace if needed, and make sure your air conditioning is fully functional. If not, you may need to have a specialist look at it.

Windshield prep - Prepare for summer showers by replacing your windshield wipers (the entire blade if needed), and by thoroughly cleaning the windshield to maximize visibility.

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