Road Tolls Can Impact Peoples’ Wallets (or Purses)

on Tuesday, 17 November 2020.

Most people realize that things such as bridge tolls are another uncomfortable reality of life. But, whenever we get hit by a road toll, many people see it as an annoying unanticipated event. Unless you are truly fortunate enough to live in one of the twenty-five states that do not feature road tolls, you likely roll your eyes each and every time you see a sign that states “Toll Plaza Ahead.”

At Anderson Behel in Santa Clara, CA we know that road tolls are common now, so we thought it might be a topic that is both timely and relevant. Unfortunately, those road tolls are needed to help pay for the upkeep of the roadway and to help build a series of new ones. Some are affordable while others are so expensive that you would think they were collecting significant amounts of money to replace the asphalt with pure gold.

If you are planning a road trip that takes you on any of these particular toll roads, you might want to strategically find an alternative route. Even though it might take you a tad longer to get to your destination, you will save a ton of sweet cash.

These are the most expensive road/bridge tolls in the United States:

Whiteface Mountain Memorial Highway (NY): $1.25 per mile

17 Mile Drive (CA): $0.59 per mile

Chicago Skyway (IL)): $0.51 per mile

Fort Bend Parkway (TX): $0.51 per mile

Delaware Turnpike (DE): $0.29 per mile

Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel (VA): $30 round trip

Verrazano Narrows Bridge (NY): $15 one-way

George Washington Bridge (NY): $13 one-way

Golden Gate Bridge (CA): $7 one-way

Tacoma Narrows Bridge (CA): $5.50 one-way

Lincoln and Holland Tunnel (NY): $13 one-way

Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel (Alaska): $12 one-way

Fort McHenry Tunnel (Maryland): $8 round trip

Brooklyn Battery Tunnel and Queens Midtown Tunnel (New York): $7.50 one-way

If you live in New York or California, you are probably not very surprised by the fact that you have more toll roads than anywhere else. But keep in mind, it does cost a lot of money to keep our highways and byways of this great country well-maintained.

Sources: Wikipedia and USA Today


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