Questions to Ask a Prospective Body Shop

on Wednesday, 09 October 2013. Posted in News

Do Your Due Diligence and Find the Right Shop for You

woman-on-phone-vintageWhen you’re looking for San Jose auto repairs, you should really do your diligence before you select a collision facility to work with. At Anderson Behel, Santa Clara’s premier auto body shop, we pride ourselves for having a great track record for making quality, complete auto repairs, by using the newest techniques with the latest equipment and hiring the very best in the industry.

Here’s a list of questions to ask before you pick the best shop for your San Jose car repairs:

•What kind of guarantees/warranties does the shop offer? Most San Jose body shops will offer guarantees or warranties on parts but what about labor? If they don’t offer guarantees for defects in workmanship, consider looking elsewhere. If they do, how long and what work is covered with the guarantee or warranty?

•How will your car be stored while in the care of the shop? Will your car be inside a locked bay or is the whole shop gated? What kind of security measures do they have in place?

•Does the shop have a good reputation? Ask friends and family and neighbors who they’ve used. Be cautious about only using companies referred to you by your insurance company. They may be very good or they may be on the insurance company’s side and not yours. At a minimum, check with the Better Business Bureau under both the shop name and the owners name. If the owner has had a series of auto shops that have closed or sold, you may want to consider going elsewhere.

•Does the shop operate in accordance with all local, state and federal regulations? Do they have licenses and permits such as Business licenses, Sales Tax I.D. Number, Federal Tax I.D. Number, Fire, Electrical Code and EPA Compliance, Workers Compensation Insurance, OSHA requirements, EPA Number, etc. and operate? Usually, these are prominently displayed where customers can see them. If they’re missing, ask to see them.

•What are the shops procedures for getting authorization for any additional services performed on the vehicle and price adjustments that may occur prior to the repair or replacement. You should always ensure that they will need written authorization for additional services and price changes.

•You want to find out if the shop just opened up a few months ago or if it has been in business for a while? What is the overall experience of the staff along with certification for your particular car maker? Who will be working on your car and what are their certifications?

•Does the shop have a defined and written customer handling process in the event of a disagreement or dispute? How do they go about doing business? Again, reviews from your friends and actual experiences with this shop are important to find if possible.

After asking these questions, you’ll have the information in hand before you make your decision. And as they say—information is POWER!

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