Pet Safety in the Car

on Wednesday, 26 February 2014. Posted in News

Keep your pooches and kitties safe while on the road

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We recently heard in the news about a woman who was badly injured when one of her cats jumped down in on the gas pedal while driving in Santa Cruz, CA. The cat was fine and landed on its feet, but the driver broke her collarbone and had to spend three days in the hospital. At Anderson Behel, we’re all about safety and that’s why we're offering this advice about how to travel with your pets in the car:

Sometimes it’s tough to leave your furry friends at home while you head out for a road trip. After all, our pets are part of our family and we enjoy their company when we travel. Here are some ideas for safe and comfortable travel with your pets.

Dogs: Depending on your dog, it may be best to travel with a crate, especially if they like to run around the car. Crating will keep your dog safe. In addition, the driver will not have as many distractions when a dog is crated. Keep a small bowl of water inside the crate so your dog can stay hydrated. Some dogs are calmer and will be happy to lie down in the back seat. To keep your car cleaner, place a dog blanket in the back seat area to reduce the amount of dirt and dog hair getting into your seats. If you place a small bowl of water on the blanket, it will catch any spilled water and keep your seats dry.

Cats: Most cats prefer to be crated while in the car. Like dogs, crating keeps your cat safe and reduces the number of distractions for the driver. Make sure to place a small bowl of water inside the crate so your feline can take a drink when needed.

Birds and Exotics: Place your birds or exotic pets in a cage that can easily be restrained so it does not get jostled around. Make sure to have water available to your pets, as well as some food and toys.

All Four Legged Pets: Put together a travel kit for your pets, which include the following:

■ Leash

■ Food

■ Water

■ Blanket

■ Crate (optional)

■ Chew toys

■ Brush

■ Nail clippers

■ Small first aid kit

Give your pets frequent food, water, and potty breaks. Major freeways often have rest areas that also include pet bathroom areas. Stretching the legs is a good way to burn off excess energy, but make sure your pet is on a leash and cannot escape. Always park your vehicle in the shade to help your pet stay cool. If it is not raining, it is a good idea to crack the windows for fresh air. Remember that your vehicle can get as hot as an oven on hot days, so never leave your pet in a hot car for over 2 minutes. Always have drinking water available in an open bowl when your pet is in a parked car.

At Anderson Behel, we know you love your pets because we love our love our pets too! So, please be very careful when you’re transporting them in your vehicle and use these helpful tips to make it a better, safer day for you and your pets, because we know they’re not just animals—they’re members of your family!

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