Our Top Ten Super Bowl Snacks

on Saturday, 03 February 2018.

At Anderson Behel in Santa Clara, CA, we hope you enjoy watching tomorrow's 52nd Super Bowl. Watching football is always a fun exercise in wanting to rip your hair out. But the No. 2 rule for any Super Bowl party behind not inviting anyone who has a vested interest in the game is making sure that the menu is perfect. The food had better be good, because the last thing that anyone wants in the second half is a bunch of grumbling stomachs and curmudgeony guests. Here are 10 best Super Bowl foods ranked from worst to best, from foods that should stay in the pantry to the stuff that won't survive the first quarter.

  1. A bowl of candy (usually M&Ms)

This makes monsters of us all, and if your grandparents are hosting the party it will probably make a surprise appearance. M&Ms are delicious for a bag, but an entire bowl just makes the people eating them want to scoop them up and sit on the couch forever. It's not so much the snack itself, it's the aftermath here.

  1. A veggie tray

I get the sentiment, I do. We can't all be savages. But the only way that this is acceptable is if you're using celery sticks to cool off the ridiculous hot wing that you ate by accident.

  1. A bowl of peanuts

It's a good, salty snack in small quantities, but it suffers the same drawbacks as the bowls of candy. At what cost? This isn't Five Guys, you can't just throw the shells wherever. If they're honey roasted and already shelled, that changes the game a bit, but you're still just sitting there shoving peanuts into your face.

  1. Chili

Maybe I'm being hard on chili here, but it all comes down to ease of eating. Being elbow-to-elbow and trying to eat chili is like trying to unpack the chips that you smuggled into the movie theater. It's loud, and it ends with you being escorted somewhere. You also have to think about the hosts, because the clean-up for chili is just AWFUL.

  1. Cookies

Again, potential for too much of a good thing here, but if they're served in the right quantities, good cookies can be a game changer for a party. Even if the food was just OK, if you come out with cookies with little flags in them you'll be celebrated as a hero for that sweet, sweet sugar for the rest of the night.

  1. Chips and dip

Go all out for the dip. It's worth it. If you buy the Lay's French Onion dip, then so be it, but that's a risk. If you have the means, make a good spinach dip or something along those lines, and watch it vanish. Just be careful and make sure that you have enough chips to go with it.

  1. Nachos

This is in the same vein as chips and dip, but where the difference lies is that simpler is often better. All that you need to make this work is to have some nacho cheese on hand. Cheese is the best thing in the universe. Your guests will love you if you have cheese.

  1. Pigs in a blanket

Such a powerful punch in such small packages. These little guys are so good, you just can't beat an adorable little hot dog in a fluffy little bread blanket. Ease of eating also sets this snack over the top.

  1. Pizza

Don't overthink it. Pizza is good. Just tip the poor delivery driver that's working on Super Bowl Sunday.

  1. Wings

The piece de resistance of Super Bowl meals. Every party needs to have wings, unless you're all vegan. Wings in the right sauce are the best food, not just for Super Bowl Sunday, but every day -- forever.

Source: Food Network 


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