Introducing Our New Trainee, Armando Gonzales

on Wednesday, 27 July 2016.

He is in it to win it and learning from the very best!

Duc n Armando

Armando Gonzales has been hired as a full-time trainee here at Anderson Behel, with Duc Huynh as his mentor. Armando came to us as a referral from Bob McTaggart, an instructor at CCOC.  We will have him work with each journeyman for at least one month during his internship with Duc. To give him a well-rounded exposure to all of that we do in the metal department at Anderson Behel, Armando will get exposure to every aspect of the industry.

Once his apprenticeship is completed, Armando will begin to work on his own, with jobs assigned to directly to him. Then, next year again in June, we will likely take on another trainee from CCOC in an attempt to continually grow our own technicians while providing careers for local students from the South Bay.

At Anderson Behel, we're proud to embrace new repair techniques, by acquiring some of the finest, cutting-edge equipment in the industry today. By getting the best training for our people, we're able to stay at the forefront of the collision repair industry in Silicon Valley and throughout the entire Bay Area as well. 

Photo: Duc at the left, Armando, right


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