One of Our Best 5-Star Yelp Reviews Ever

on Thursday, 17 May 2018.

From Eric T. in Sammamish, Washington!

As a certified Porsche shop, we love these types of reviews.

"I've been meaning to write this review for a while, but it kept slipping my mind--until the other day when I was discussing auto body repair shops with a friend.  When I said, "You wouldn't believe the last repair shop I dealt with," he naturally assumed this was a lead-in to a horror story, so he was surprised when I told him the experience was unbelievably good--so good that it was the best repair shop I've ever come across, so good that it made me wish I live in the San Jose area just so I can use this shop again in the future if need be.  

The backstory is this:  I drove my Porsche 911 down from the Seattle area to undergo flight training in San Jose.  While the vehicle was parked at my flight school, someone scraped the rear bumper.  This happened a few days before Christmas 2017.  Bear in mind, as Tony Soprano would say, I don't just like this car, I $%^&  love it.  So I got a referral from a local Porsche dealer, read all of the positive reviews on Anderson Behel, and noted that it is a Porsche-approved collision center.  All of this helped to ease my mind, but you never really know for sure, right?  

From the outset, dealing with these guys, I knew they were special.  First of all, they have an entire team, separate from the people who do the repair work, who deal with the customers.  And these people are very good at what they do (including dealing with your insurance company), as noted in the many positive reviews.  Second, when you drop off your car, they do a thorough intake and walk-around, taking pictures and noting pre-existing damage (nicks/dings/etc.) separate from the damage that brought you to the shop (this may not sound like that big a deal, but it's very comforting).  Finally, when they return your car to you, it's perfect.  I don't just mean they did a great job of repairing the damage, I mean it's perfect, like the day you picked it up from the dealer.  This last part is what really surprised me.  I know my car like the back of my hand--actually, probably better because I've spent less time examining the back of my hand than examining my car.  So I was prepared for the worst--maybe an unexpected ding or scratch here or there, maybe some dirt or grime that wasn't there before, maybe some water spots from leaving it out in the rain.  None of that, and they had even cleaned my tires--the tires!!!--so they were once again black and shiny and nice.  

Finally, with Ferris Bueller nightmares dancing around in my head, I checked the odometer--it had advanced 1 whole mile, probably because it was on the verge of flipping when I dropped it off.  If I had one criticism, I'd say the repair took longer than I expected, but it was around the holidays, and they did such a good job with it, that I concluded you simply should not rush master craftsmen"

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