OMG!! My Car's Paint is Peeling! What Should I Do?

on Tuesday, 29 October 2019.

Auto paint issues are always scary and definitely perplexing, because it can often be seriously difficult to find their cause. Learning about some commonplace vehicle paint issues and how to prevent them can help you safeguard your vehicle's finish and keep it looking awesome.

At Anderson Behel, we see peoples' paint peeling all the time, so here is some useful information for you:

You Must Fight Rust

When moisture works its way into those chipped areas within the paint, oxidation will often cause rust. Many shop repairs performed at a facility that doesn't always use seam sealer or body cavity wax can lead to rust problems down the road. To control rust, wash and wax your car frequently, park it out of the weather, and only use only a reputable auto body shop like Anderson Behel for all of your repairs.

Fading Happens!

As a vehicle starts to age, the finish can begin looking dull and faded. The UV rays of the sun are normally to blame, but debris and pollution are also factors as well. Regular washing and meticulous waxing are always critical to prevent fading, but it's also crucial to avoid parking in the sunshine as much as humanly possible.

Scratches are Never Pleasant

Flying road garbage, tree branches or the open door of another car in a parking lot can often cause ugly scratches on your vehicle's finish. To prevent any scratches, take some extra care when driving through tight areas, and always park well away from other cars, trucks or SUVs.

Delamination is the #1 Cause

Areas where your vehicle's clear coat is peeling or delaminating, it can first start out small but spread rather quickly. This issue can happen when mismatched paint products are utilized during a repair or from exposure to the sun and elements. The smartest way to prevent delamination is to always park your car in a garage or a shaded area.

Peeling is Never Healing

Auto paint is usually protected by a layer of clear coat, so it takes substantial wear or damage for it to peel. Most often, it is caused by a sub-par paint job or prolonged exposure to the sun. Dings and any damage to the clear coat that exposes the underlying paint can also cause some serious peeling. To prevent this, protect your vehicle from the elements and have any finish damage repaired pronto.

If your vehicle's paint is fading or peeling, act quickly to identify and alleviate the situation before it becomes dire. By being proactive and responsive and keep your vehicle's paint pristine all the time.

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