New High-Tech Car Innovations for 2014

on Thursday, 26 December 2013. Posted in News

From Self-Driving Cars to Virtual Dashboards and Beyond!

Googles Lexus RX 450h Self-Driving Car

In 2014, how many new, exciting innovations in the automotive industry will reveal themselves before our very eyes? At Anderson Behel, we’re looking forward to a full year of innovation and experimentation in this rapidly changing world of cars. We’re in an intriguing time on the planet right now technologically, while the world searches for alternative fuels and better methods of transportation.

Let’s look back at the major breakthroughs we’ve experienced within the last decade and especially in 2013:

The Self-Driving Car

Driverless cars may seem like something you might see in a James Bond film, but they are fast becoming a reality. We already have the ability to autonomously park into small spaces, so self-driving cars would seem the next logical step. As Google’s Driverless Car broke ground a few yeara ago, literally 100s of companies are developing their own versions of this self-driving vehicle. Most of them are many years away from appearing on our roads, but the whole idea of cars that drive themselves is no longer pure fantasy.

Internet Radio Takeover

It’s predicted that starting this year, more and more car manufacturers will be designing vehicles with full Internet connectivity. This will undoubtedly lead to the explosive proliferation of new Internet radio stations. Spotify and Pandora are way ahead of the game, but all the others will quickly join the game. Warner, Disney, Sony and Apple will all get involved and pretty soon satellite (Sirius XM) will be in serious trouble.

Cars That Communicate With Other Cars

Some hazards are unavoidable, but what if I told you that there will be a new technology that warns you of danger before it hits. No more popping tires when that pot hole jumps out of nowhere. No more reversing into the letterbox and no more hazards with idiots who think they can cut you off. Car manufacturers and the U.S Government have been researching into technologies that will permit cars to communicate with each and the objects that surround them. The idea is a noble one— to prevent accidents and collisions by allowing the vehicles to send out signals to other cars about their speed, direction, location and potential hazards they pose to other drivers. It’s all about saving lives and that’s why we love it at Anderson Behel, the premier place to fix your car in the South Bay.

Virtual Reality Dashboards

So far, we already have built-in displays that are super nifty for getting us from A to B and rear view cameras that stop us from reversing over the kids bicycle. But in the near future, augmented reality technologies will enable drivers to identify external objects and display information or the next course of action on your windshield. It’s like science fiction novels have come to life! Picture this: You may be driving the speed limit, but unawares to you is a trail of vehicles built up in traffic. Normally you would be going too quickly to slow down, but your future car will be able to recognize this and alert you on the windshield how to pull over safely into the next lane to avoid a nasty fender bender. What type of technology would you like to see in your future car? Let us know in the comments below.

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