Is Your Car Ready to Go Back to School?

on Wednesday, 13 August 2014. Posted in News

Anderson Behel Offers Some Sage Advice

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If you’re a student or a parent, this time of the year is filled with either dread or joy, depending on your perspective. Back to school time is right around the corner, and Anderson Behel is here to make sure you and your car are ready for the coming school year. At Anderson Behel, we’re parents too-so we know how important a safe, clean and well-running vehicle is for when school starts in less than a month.

Going back to school means more carpools, practices, bake sales, dances, field trips and functions. That equates to more passengers and cargo. It’s a long school year, and there aren’t too many opportunities to catch your breath. So make sure your vehicle is ready to handle the extra miles as soon as the bell rings.

•              Perform Routine Maintenance – Your schedule is going to fill up pretty quickly once class is in session. So now’s the time to get any overlooked or routine maintenance out of the way, before the hectic school year begins.

•              Fall Cleaning – Most kids are not well-known for their tidiness. And if you’re schlepping your students to and from school every day, it won’t take long before the inside of your car looks like their bedroom on its worst day. A deep clean might be a good investment. This could be the last time your car sees a vacuum or air freshener until midterms. Speaking of fresh air, a few strategically placed dryer sheets will help keep the inside of your car smelling clean for the miles ahead.

•              Maximize Your Storage – With backpacks, science projects and sports equipment (not to mention your kids) cargo room can be at a premium. So where are you going to put all that stuff? Try using a shoe organizer as behind the seat storage. Or how about a re-sealable plastic cereal container as a convenient trash can?

•              One Last Road Trip – Do you have time for one last hurrah with the family before the sun sets on summer vacation? Before life is filled with science projects and take-home tests, see if you can hit the road one last time with the family.

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