How Worn-Out Tires Can Cause Havoc in Your Life

on Wednesday, 10 June 2020.

Regardless of what the road conditions may be, worn out or damaged tires present a serious problem.

It is not surprising that driving on a set of worn tires is potentially very dangerous and can lead you into a crash or fender bender sooner rather than later. Tire treads are a critical factor in maintaining the correct amount of traction required to keep your car on the road and deal with rain, hail or snow, so once a tire goes bald, you are going to run the risk of not being able to properly control your automobile.

Today at Anderson Behel in Santa Clara, CA, we are going to break down these five risks you run when you decide to drive with worn-out tires.

1.) Hydroplaning

Hydroplaning is always a major risk and happens when there is a thin layer of water between your tires and the roadway. A high-quality well-designed tire has the proper grooves that can channel some of the water away from the tire and avert hydroplaning. But if you do not have enough treads, you may increase your chances of hydroplaning and putting yourself in a perilous situation.

2.) Difficulty in Weather

Most tires on the market are not outfitted for snow specifically and, if you live in a region that gets copious amounts of snow, you might want to consider installing winter tires nonetheless. Regardless, even a standard tire with decent treads is going to perform well in snowy conditions compared to tires that are worn down.

3.) Heat

Whenever you drive, you are creating friction between your tire and the roadway. If you create too much heat, you could blow your tire out and cause a collision. Treads help to help cool tires down by enabling air to flow through the small grooves and, since bald tires do not have those same grooves, you might run the risk of heat damaging your tires.

4.) Loss of Air Pressure

Losing air pressure will make tires much more dangerous to drive on. Maintaining the proper air pressure is a maintenance-related task that must be dealt with on a regular basis or when your air pressure light comes on. any If you have bald tires, you are going to have to refill them more often. The tragic combination of under-inflation and worn treads can pose a genuine danger.

5.) Blowouts

At high speeds blowouts can be fatal. While treads are not going to shield your tires completely from nails or other sharp objects, they can add a layer of resistance and prevent a blowout or at least delay one.

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