How Much Do You Know About Porsches?

on Thursday, 28 May 2020.

Ferdinand Porsche was a brilliant vehicle designer and engineer. His amazing career began at age fifteen when Porsche designed and built a cutting-edge energy generator during a period in history when the lightbulb was the most advanced technology on the planet.

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190, Porsche created a hybrid-electric vehicle under the name of his employer, Lohner-Porsche. Called the “Semper Vivus,” the vehicle was an instant sensation at the famous Paris Motor Show and made Porsche a celebrity engineer instantly. The car used an internal combustion motor as a generator and was also the first vehicle featuring brakes on all 4 wheels.

In 1924, Ferdinand Porsche was contacted by the German government in order to develop an affordable family vehicle that could be mass-produced affordably. The result of this project was the iconic Volkswagen (VW) Beetle.

In 1931, Porsche started his own company to develop autos, motorcycles, and engines of all types.

Like other carmakers, Porsche tweaked its business model during World War II to build military equipment, but unfortunately the “Porsche Tiger” was not well-received. In fact, only 5 were produced, 4 of which never saw any action on the battlefield.

Porsche developed his first passenger vehicle in 1939 and named it the Porsche 64. It became the basis for all future versions, but only 3 of the production cars ever left the factory. His approach to improving with each new vehicle release made them immediately famous for comfort and design, while also starring on the racetrack. In a 50-year period, Porsche vehicles won over 28,000 victories in different speed racing categories, which is unprecedented.

The Porsche 356, a predecessor of the 911, was unveiled in 1948 as their very first production automobile. Both models were 2-door, rear-wheel drive, and offered an option for people who wanted either a hard or folding top. 76 thousand Porsche 356s were produced, and at least 50 percent are still functioning today! In fact, 33 percent of all Porsches ever produced are currently still in operation.

The Porsche 911 was shown to the public at the International Motor Show back in 1963. It was actually named the 901 at the time until it was discovered that the Peugeot brand reserved rights to model names of three digits with a zero in the middle. Today, it’s designed is one of the most recognizable and has been the most mass-produced luxury super vehicle in the world.

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