Hot Wheels Collector Has $1 Million in Hot Wheels!

on Thursday, 17 November 2016.

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Bruce Pascal has been building his 3,500-car collection since he was seven years old and recently his collection was valued at get this.....$1 million dollars!

At Anderson Behel in Silicon Valley, we obviously repair only real, normal-size cars, but we wanted to share this crazy story with our blog readers. If you ever collected Hot Wheels when you were a youngster, this will probably make you either smile or frown, depending on how many you had and whether or not you eventually gave them away.

As kids, a lot of us had a dedicated play room for our toys. But it's a rare thing to see a grown man who still has a room dedicated to his Hot Wheels. Then again, if you had Bruce Pascal's collection, you'd probably devote a room in your house to them, too.

After all, Pascal owns more than 3500 Hot Wheels cars, a collection that he claims is worth well over a million dollars. That includes 175 rare prototypes that were never released to the public, as well as one of the rarest Hot Wheels in the world—a bright pink Volkswagen Beach Bomb Rear-Loader. Considering the condition it's in, Pascal says that car alone is probably worth $150,000.

With a collection this large, Pascal says he'd one day like to open a museum. That's partly because he loves the hobby, but it's also because he believes he has more original-production items than Mattel still does. Talk about dedication.

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