Green Reason #1: We're Waterborne!

on Monday, 18 February 2013. Posted in News

Our Head Painter Says It's Numero Uno

While people all over the world try to save the planet, the collision industry is stepping up to embrace a greener approach to fixing and painting cars. Several years ago, the state of California became the country’s first to mandate the use of waterborne paint. Some shops were reluctant to change, but auto body paint shops like Anderson Behel gladly made the conversion, with the help of PPG and its Nexa Autocolor Aquabase Waterborne product. This planet-friendly paint is distributed by PPG and Anderson Behel was the first auto body paint shop in the Bay Area to use Autocolor Aquabase, to compete with other high-end European paint lines.

Since then, every car repaired at Anderson Behel is painted using this newer, more progressive type of paint, thereby saving the environment and providing a safer workplace for the shop and its employees. Anderson Behel’s auto body paint shop head painter Gerardo Lopez (pictured) appreciates the greener approach to painting cars by using Nexa Autocolor Aquabase Waterborne, he explained. “I paint around eight cars every day, so the finished product has to be superior. As far as the time it takes to paint the cars with waterborne, it’s actually a shorter process as compared to solvent. It’s faster, because normally the basecoat flashes in 1-3 minutes, where it used to take five minutes with solvent. So, right there you’re saving time in the booth. Plus, the finished product is always excellent! Customers are thrilled when they see their cars painted with the Nexa Autocolor Aquabase Waterborne paint.”

So, the next time your car gets into an accident (it happens, unfortunately) and you take it to Anderson Behel for repairs, rest assured that your vehicle is being painted using waterborne paint. We’re all working harder to be green, by using less gas when we drive and recycling whenever we can, so why not be green when your car is getting fixed? It just makes good sense!

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