Great Automotive Car Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day

on Monday, 10 June 2019.

As Father’s Day approaches, this holiday is the perfect time to recognize your dad’s key contributions to your life as a driver. Here are some great car-related gift ideas that show how much you appreciate what he has done to make you the safe driver you are today, brought to you by all of us at Anderson Behel in Santa Clara, CA.

Gifts to help Dad deal with car problems

Many dads are fairly knowledgeable about the basics of car maintenance. Here are some cool gifts that will make Dad’s life easier as the family’s car care expert.

A compact jump starter

Traditional jumper cables have been the go-to item for most people whose cars won’t start. But what happens when there’s no other car around to get a jump from? This gadget solves that problem. It is a rechargeable battery that is powerful enough to jump start your car all by itself. As a bonus, it has USB ports to recharge your smartphone when that battery gets low. You can find it here.

A portable air compressor

Instead of having to drive to a gas station and feed quarters into an air machine, Dad can simply plug this compressor into his car’s power socket and inflate his tires, wherever he is. If he gets a slow leak or a small puncture out on the road, he can quickly pump up his tire and keep going. It can also be used for bicycle tires and other inflatable items, whether he’s at home or on the go. Get one here.

A car fire extinguisher

The compact Mini Firefighter will fit in most glove compartments or door pockets. A fire extinguisher is one of those items you hope to never use, but need handy just in case. This one has non-toxic, biodegradable foam that expands, engulfs and quickly extinguishes flames. The versatile Mini Firefighter can be used on gasoline, oil, electrical, grease, wood, textile and plastic fires. Check it out here.

An auto club membership

If your Dad is not into the mechanical aspects of cars, he will definitely appreciate a membership to AAA or similar auto club. If he gets a flat tire or his battery dies, he can simply call for assistance, and a tow truck will be dispatched to his location.

If Dad drives an old or unreliable car, consider getting him a higher-level membership, which can cover long-distance towing if he breaks down far from home. There are often additional membership benefits, like discount movie and amusement park tickets, trip routing, and travel agent services.

At Anderson Behel

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