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on Wednesday, 29 May 2013. Posted in News

Is there a Road Trip in Your Future?

hanson-tourists-ii-19881Summer is here whether you’re ready or not. Pretty soon, your kids will be inquiring about trips to Disneyland, the beach, mountains and other fun spots. With the cost of flying going up, more and more families will be taking road trips this summer. Traveling out on the open road can be exhilarating, but once you exit a major road it could be miles before you come across another town with a gas station or even a mechanic. So take the following precautions, offered courtesy of Anderson Behel, the finest body shop in northern California.

• First, plan your trip carefully, by studying road maps or your GPS. Decide where you will stay the night if the trip is more than a day.

• Get tune ups or repairs done at least 2 weeks in advance

• Get all fluids replaced or topped off

• Check your tires and make sure they’re aligned. Replace old tires if they are worn. Also purchase a tire repair kit or small portable tank.

• Check all doors, windows and locks to make sure they are working properly

• Check your truck. Make sure to have a tool box with tire tools, a spare tire and a jack

• Check your glove box for any car papers such as car insurance and a list of emergency phone numbers. Make sure the owner’s manual is also on hand. This is also a good place for a small flash light.

• Check your car adaptors in order to charge mobile phones • Get road side assistance phone numbers

• Let someone know where you are going and give them a contact number.

• Always consult your doctor before leaving on a road trip. If it always a good idea to take any medical records with you in case of an emergency.

• Ensure that you have checked and locked your home before leaving. Never leave an extra set of keys under the mat or under a pot. Inform a neighbor that you will be gone so they can pick up your mail or newspapers.

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