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on Thursday, 09 January 2014. Posted in News

We Love Our 5-Star Yelp Reviews!

happy-people-cheering1At Anderson Behel, the premier place for San Jose auto repairs, we appreciate our 5-Star reviews on Yelp. Here is one customer who really praised us and especially Bill Brady, who made this repair seamless and on-time, which is exactly the way we like to do it here at Anderson Beal.

Sean L. from Cupertino, CA gave us this amazing 5-Star Yelp review:

“Long story short, while I was driving in a parking lot, a fence fell on the back right of my car causing it to have marks that looked like a huge bear took its claws and scratched some 1.5 ft marks on my car =[ Also the back part covering of my back right light broke off too =[

My friend referred this place to me after telling me great things about it. Also how they helped him install some side bumpers on his car for free! Also from his past experiences with getting things repaired here as well as his friend who referred him to this place, I thought I would give it a try. First time ever getting my car fixed ;]

The guy he referred me to at Behel was Bill Brady. I contacted Bill through their website (http://www.andersonbehel…). Bill contacted me through email within a day and we worked everything out nice and easy. Nice since I did not have to drive over and was able to do it all through email! Saved lots of time that way ;]

My insurance company worked it out with Enterprise down the street to allow me to get a rental, and I just had to pay for the taxes on it. Good deal =] thanks ANPAC =]

The great thing was, Anderson Behel pretty much took care of everything for me after I dropped my car off with them! They called Enterprise to let them know I was there, Enterprise picked me up, I got my rental car and drove home. My repair according to the appraiser (ANPAC related, not an appraiser that works for Anderson) was supposed to take about 4 days, but ended up taking about 9 days (10 kind of because of the July 4 holiday). So I dropped it off Monday and got it the next Friday. Anderson kept me up to date with how my repair was going along since it was supposed to be done in the same week on Friday, but said it would take longer. The staff was very friendly in letting me know why it was taking longer, mostly because they found extra damage the appraiser did not see. They also took car of everything with Enterprise. Enterprise basically called Anderson Behel to ask them the status of my car so Enterprise knew how much longer I needed my rental for. I did not have to do anything! So a lot less work for me to not have to update Enterprise the few times since I the car took longer to repair.

Also Anderson Behel took care of everything between my insurance company and me. Basically working it out with my insurance company of getting the extra payment for what was not appraised because of the extra damage. So I did not have to be the middle man between my insurance company and Anderson Behel. More time saved for me too!

When I got my car back, i basically had not washed it in over 3 or 4 months, so it was pretty dirty ;p When my wife and I went to go pick up the car, it looked brand spanking new! They definitely washed the outside of my car! Thanks! Also as we got into our car, I probably only vacuum and clean it once a year, but they had cleaned up all the dust on my dashboard, cleaned up the steering wheel, basically almost every spot was clean of dust or anything else oily/dirty! There were even some leaves and debris from when my wife and I go out of the car, our shoes pick up things and they had cleaned all of it out for us as well! Thanks!

Overall, great customer service, so far great repair (only been about 5 days since getting my car back and writing this review, but everything is working great so far!), nice of them to clean my car inside and out, and just everything else in between they did to make my life easier and more time for me to do other things!

Will definitely be recommending this place to my friends and family in the future and hopefully I won't have to get my car fixed again, but if I do, definitely coming back to Anderson Behel for any body work!”

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