Distracted Driving is A Dangerous and Crazy Game

on Saturday, 18 July 2020.

In an age of multitasking, drivers have turned their cars into offices, chat rooms, and cafeterias. What happened to the old days when a car was simply a car? It’s not at all unusual to see a distracted driver on their way to work munching on a breakfast sandwich, using their cell phone, and changing the radio stations while weaving in and out of traffic. Every once in awhile, you might see a guy shaving or a woman applying her makeup on the freeway. We’ve seen it so many times here at Anderson Behel in Santa Clara, CA that it no longer shocks us, to be honest.

This type of distracted driving is a sure-fire recipe for a costly and, possibly, deadly accident. If safety is foremost in your mind, there are certain, commonsense practices you should avoid doing while driving your car. Here are some “distracted driving” practices to stay away from.

A Car or a Beauty Salon?

Unfortunately, some people wake up too late in the morning and don’t have enough time to primp and preen before they leave the house. So, their rearview mirror serves double duty as a makeup mirror while they dutifully apply their requisite coats of Great Lash mascara. Some people apply their entire face while driving from home to work each morning. If you want to avoid a major accident, get up ten minutes earlier and fix your face before you leave the house.

A Car or an Office?

Cell phones certainly make life easier, sometimes too easy. What did people do before they had these handheld marvels of technology? Probably had fewer accidents. Not only are you distracted when you lower your head to dial the number, but it’s easy to become so absorbed in the conversation that you miss traffic signs and lights or forget to brake and slam into the car in front of you. Even more concerning is the use of text messaging while driving. One study showed that people using handheld devices while driving are just as impaired as those driving drunk, yet cell phones are still legal. Makes you wonder.

A Car or a Restaurant?

Sure, everyone needs to eat, but not when they’re driving. It’s highly unlikely a person will be able to react quickly when they’re holding a Big Mac in one hand and the steering wheel in the other. Not only is eating while driving a risk to life and limb, but it’s also bad for digestion.

A Car or a Library?

 Yes, believe it or not, there are people who read while driving. Would it surprise you to learn that forty percent of people engage in some form of reading or writing while cruising around town? Anything from making lists to reading a magazine for pleasure was noted when in-car video cameras were used to see what people did in their cars. Do yourself a favor and get an audiobook to keep you stimulated when you’re on the road.

Let Your Car Be a Car!

The bottom line? When you’re driving, focus on the task at hand. Distracted driving can not only raise your insurance rates but could be a quick ticket to the hospital or worse. Don’t take chances when you’re behind the wheel by concentrating on the most important thing you can do--the safe operation of a large motorized hunk of steel (or aluminum) out there on the road. As a responsible citizen and driver, you have an obligation to be safe, so that you can live a good long life and remain as a valuable customer at Anderson Behel, a company that truly cares.

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