Common Car Wash Misconceptions

on Wednesday, 28 August 2019.

Some people take their cars to car washes while many others save money by doing it themselves. Washing your car on a semi-regular basis can keep it looking like brand new if it's done right, so here are some pitfalls to avoid. These five common car wash mistakes can leave you with dull, scratched paint and a car that looks old well before its time.

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Mistake #1: "You don't need to wax your car." Taking the time to apply a nice coat of wax is essential if you want to keep your finish looking good. Wax is an extra protective layer that keeps dirt, grime and grit from sticking to the paint, and using it regularly will make your next car wash a whole lot easier. If you want to successfully maintain that glossy, new automobile look, always remember to polish right after waxing.

Mistake #2: "Waxing your car every few years is okay." To save your paint from harsh environmental and weather damage look at your car's finish and monitor its condition. One simple way is by checking for water as it beads on the vehicle's finish after a rainstorm.

Mistake #3: "You can use laundry detergent to wash your car." Laundry detergents contain ingredients that can cause serious harm to your car's finish. It can strip your clearcoat quickly and when it's exposed to oxidation, the paint will dry out prematurely.

Mistake #4: "You can use protectant products on the dashboard." Products made to protect leather aren't designed to be used with the synthetic materials that are used in dashboard construction. To mitigate sun damage and protect your dashboard, you need to use only a product that's safe for use with PVC-ABS.

Mistake #5: "You can use any type of cleaning cloth." Many car owners grab whatever type of cloth is close at hand, such as clean old towels, T-shirts or paper products, but these can leave scratches on the paint. To stay clear of harming the finish, invest in some decent cleaning cloths that are designed for auto detailing, such as a chamois or some terry microfiber.

Save money by washing your car, truck or SUV yourself and stay clear of these mistakes to succeed for the next time when you wash your beloved vehicle. You'll keep it looking new and your paint will last a lot longer, so it's a triple win every time!

Sources: YouTube and DIY Network

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