Another 5-Star Review!

on Thursday, 18 June 2015. Posted in People

He hit a bear cub, raccoon or who knows what....

Happy Driver maleFor the first time in my life, I posted a review on Yelp. Bill and his fellow mechanic Duc are as great as anybody and the primary reason for me to sign up Yelp. They truly know what customers need. The story began with my weekend trip to Stanislaus National Forest. I saw a bear-cub size animal (maybe a raccoon or bobcat) ran across the road at night. Next second, my Chevy hit another one. I did not pay much attention then. After getting back to San Jose, I noticed that the bumper on the driver's side was broken/deformed; the fog light was seriously displaced; and the coolant was leaking. I happened to drive by the shop. The initial estimate was $1500 and backlog of 3 weeks to replace the bumper and radiator. However, knowing that I only have liability insurance coverage, they soon offered a minimal repair option $109. Duc found out the coolant leakage was on the hose, not the radiator itself. He magically turned the bumper back to its original form. They kindly offered free shuttle service to/from my office. I believe everyone knows how fast you can spend $109 for whatever occasion. But they solved my problem, priceless. Hopefully, you don't need Anderson Behel, but if you do, I am sure they will be on your side.

-Powen R., Santa Clara, CA

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