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Working on these cars requires training, knowledge and a willingness to learn

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Porsche Training and Certification at Anderson Behel
To be on the cutting-edge in everything they do at Anderson Behel in Santa Clara, CA, four members of the shop’s team traveled down to Ontario, CA to go through a 4-day training offered at the Porsche Academy, one of the carmaker’s North American training centers.

Billy, the company’s estimator, along with body tech Gabor went through the Porsche training and certification process and soon and soon body tech Duc and the shop’s Production Manager Jeff will be doing the same, in order to keep the shop’s production process uninterrupted during the training. The experience proved to be highly invaluable for many reasons, according to Billy.

“With Porsche as an elite brand, we’re happy to be Porsche-certified,” he said. “It’s not easy to become a Porsche certified shop, so we’re definitely proud of this accomplishment. In Silicon Valley, Porsches are popular, so by being certified, we’re in the right place at the right time.”

The four collision professionals were impressed by the new Porsche 991s and anxious to learn the ins and outs of properly fixing these elite vehicles. “Porsche has re-done this body style and now it has some cast aluminum but most of it is aluminum sheet metal and steel sheet metal. The steel is mostly High Strength steel but there are some mild steel in the body as well. Since these two cannot be in close proximity to avoid corrosion, these vehicles and bonded using primarily glue and rivets, for example. This means that you need special tools, equipment and repair techniques to correctly fixing these cars, as well as all of the knowledge that goes with it.”

Porsche is concerned that shops that aren’t certified will do improper repairs on these highly sophisticated vehicles, so that’s why certification is so crucial to both consumers, collision repairers and Porsche as well. “Porsche won’t sell parts to shops that aren’t certified, because they want these repairs done right the first time,” Billy explained.”As an estimator, I need to know these cars inside and out so that I can write accurate estimates and or course Jeff, Duc and Gabor need to know the same. All of us are ASE Masters, so we have all of the proper certifications that are necessary for working on these cars.”

During the 4-day session, Billy and Gabor and several other body shop people from Southern California and Boise, Idaho were instructed on painting, estimating, structural and non-structural repair procedures. At the end of the training, they took a test and everyone (including Jeff and Duc) aced it!

Congratulations to these four members of the Anderson Behel team. By embracing all of the knowledge and instruction offered at the Porsche Academy, they’re now prepared and poised to work on some of the finest cars in the world!

With today’s sophisticated cars, it’s more important than ever that your body shop be certified to repair your type of vehicle. At Anderson Behel, Silicon Valley’s leading collision repair company, we’re proud to hold several certifications, including Porsche.

Photo above: That's our Estimator Billy (blue shirt) with Body Tech Gabor to his right.

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