About Our Ford F-150 Aluminum Body Repair Certification

on Thursday, 13 October 2016.

Only elite shops possess this coveted certification!

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At Anderson Behel in Santa Clara, CA, we pursue a wide range of car manufacturers' certifications, so that we can be the best darn shop in Silicon Valley. One of the certifications that we are proud of is our Ford F-150 Aluminum Body Repair Certification. Aluminum is the new material that has been integrated in the new F-150--the best-selling truck in the country! So, by working hard, embracing the Ford aluminum training and taking the proper steps to acquire this certification, we are adept and prepared to fix anyone that comes to our shop.

Ford understood that the benefits of a fully aluminum body on their trucks was important, and they also realized that specialized repair would be required in the event of an accident. Ford began their repair program to certify body shops around the country that had the equipment Ford required for certification, as well as the technicians who had experience with aluminum repair.

The required equipment, including a dedicated MIG welding system and other aluminum dedicated tools had to be approved by Ford. Our technicians underwent specialized training through the carmaker to ensure they had the appropriate skills and knowledge. Ford has estimated that the cost of repair should not differ much from that of traditional steel panel repairs, as long as the vehicle owner uses a certified shop for their needed repairs.

So, if you own a Ford F-150 (lucky you!) think about Anderson Behel for when you may need some collision repairs. Because we know how to work on the vehicle, while other non-certified shops probably don't!

Source: Ford Motor Co.

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