A Damaged Windshield is an Accident Waiting to Happen

on Tuesday, 29 September 2020.

Driving around in a vehicle with a hazy, pitted windshield or one that has multiple chips or cracks surely compromises your safety out on the roadways. Your view through a damaged windshield can slow down your response time in an emergency and can often make driving at night considerably more dangerous. Having a damaged windshield that is replaced properly can make a huge difference between life and death if you're involved in an accident.

At Anderson Behel, we often replace windshields in order to keep our customers safe and healthy as they travel on the roads and highways in the Santa Clara, CA area.

Properly-Installed Windshields Can Save Lives

A new windshield that is installed properly provides more than just a clear view of the road ahead of you. These two clear glass sheets with a layer of vinyl sandwiched carefully in between are what keep you and your car's passengers safe while within the vehicle in the event of a collision, whether it's a minor fender bender all the way to a serious crash.

A poorly-installed windshield can easily pop out on impact. Without any critical structural support, the roof can cave in and eventually crush anyone inside the car, SUV or truck. There are a lot of excellent automotive glass companies out there, so always be sure that you're contracting one that is experienced and skilled.

Whenever airbags deploy in a collision, they can often dislodge an improperly-installed windshield. If this occurs, the life-saving airbag can push itself out through the hole instead of cushioning the occupants in your front seat.

If the windshield fails on impact, you or your passengers can be ejected from the vehicle, which exponentially increases your risk of serious injury or death.

Skilled Windshield Installation Is Always Critical for Safety

According to the Auto Glass Safety Council, it's imperative to choose a certified, skilled, and experienced installer to replace any damaged windshield. Certification helps ensure that a technician is trained on the latest cutting-edge advances in windshield adhesives and correct installation methods Before you choose any auto glass installer, be certain to ask these key questions:

Do you use only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) quality glass? It's much stronger and fits better than cheaper alternatives, so always insist on using factory glass.

Do your technicians always wear gloves? If not, oil from their bare hands can degrade the adhesive and compromise the installation.

Can the car, SUV, or truck be driven immediately after your windshield installation? For the adhesive to set correctly, the vehicle shouldn't be driven for up to 12 hours after a  windshield installation.

Sources: Auto Glass Safety Council and YouTube

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