A 5-Star Review from David B. in San Jose

on Thursday, 20 August 2015. Posted in People

"I will admit i was a little nervous after reading some of the bad reviews but this place truly earns 5 full stars! Mariah, the receptionist is awesome! She will call you to give you updates on your vehicle and address you as soon as you walk in. She set up my rental car, had Hertz come pick me up and when I was done with it I simply left her the keys. Bill came out to look at my Camaro and give me my quote. He is very professional and knows his stuff. My fiance got her purse chain caught in the passenger seat and I couldn't get it out. Bill went out of his way to get it out without damaging it. As for the actual repair they did and outstanding job. The paint matches perfectly! You would never guess that I someone merged into my car.
    This is where they went above and beyond: After I picked up my Camaro I noticed the the front left tire pressure was high so I checked it with my digital gage and it read normal. I called Mariah and she told me to come in ASAP and she will have a tech see me the minute I get in. Come to find out that the front tire (which was never touched by Anderson) and rear tires were swapped at the dealership when they painted the rims. Bill stepped in and said they will swap them back right then and there, even though they had nothing to do with it. Additionally, I had some questions about installing an exhaust and Bill took the time to get me some price quotes on different brands with different amount of labor required.
    The only little issue I had was when I got my car back there were some finger prints, glue, and residual powder from the work performed. Perhaps I am overly picky, but a final wipe down would have be truly exceptional.
    Overall I still give them 5 full stars! I hope I never have to go a body shop again but if I do I will only go to Anderson and I will recommend this place to everyone." -David B., San Jose


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