5 Stars Yet Again!

on Tuesday, 15 January 2019.

"I took my car in to get some minor work done on 12/17/18 because my car ended up being a "bystander" during a car accident that happened in front of my bf's house on 12/1/18. It was a minor hit but there was a big enough paint chip and misaligned body to really bug me. I have AAA as my car insurance and they sent me to this body shop. The people here are so nice and accommodating, not to mention... they have a kitty that seemed to have adopted everyone and he's been named Anderson, after the body shop name, lol.

My car was projected to be ready 1/8/19, but they ended up calling me last week to let me know that it is ready 12/21/18. I was so happy by the job well done to my Mazda3 to make it look like a brand new car again - the paint job done was amazing, the misaligned body is fixed. I'm amazed by the great job they've done.

Let's face it, a body shop that has a cat named after the body shop is awesome enough for me, lol. I highly recommend Anderson Behel Body Shop."

-Aarize D., Santa Clara, CA 

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