5 Stars Yet Again!

on Sunday, 10 June 2018.

"I took my Subaru Impreza here and received it back earlier this month.  It was my first interaction with an auto body shop and I am not local to the area so I found Anderson Behel through Yelp based on the reviews. 
My car was mechanically sound, but after a spate of accidents needed structural and cosmetic work.  The repair lasted from the end of April until the first week of July. 
Upon taking the car apart, Anderson Behel found additional damages and insisted on fixing several parts that had not been identified initially by the insurance estimator.  This increased the duration of repair but was absolutely necessary.
The repair was comprehensive across multiple panels and involved removal and inspection across sections, frame work, bumper replacement, and paint matching. 
The scope of repair meant 2 modules needed to be replaced or reset, and Anderson Behel handled this with the dealer.
When I received the car initially, the non-oem parts were indistinguishable and attached properly.  The paint blend was unnoticeable and matched the metallic sparkle and hue of the original. The structurally damaged areas were as new with straight lines where they should be and no distortions in curved areas.  Details such as stickers, lining and gravel guard were replaced as original. 
I did notice some small marks on the interior of the vehicle and a scratch on the hood.  When I brought these items to Anderson Behel's attention, they offered me a rental car and to address the items at their cost.  I had the car back in two days with all the items resolved.
Auto body repair is a balancing act between the limitations of the insurance estimate, the supply of appropriate parts and specialized service, and the expectations of the customer.  Many times you are stuck with what you get. Anderson Behel goes above and beyond to make sure the customer is happy and is up-to-date on the repair process.  Moreover, the fit and finish of the repair is top notch.  In fact my car stopped squeaking in two areas after Anderson Behel worked on it.  I plan to return to Anderson Behel for any future auto body work."  

-Dylan A., Campbell, CA 

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