5 Parts of Your Car That Can Fail and Lead to Accidents

on Thursday, 30 October 2014. Posted in News

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Daughter n mom repair shopCar collisions are never fun and in most cases, they’re caused by the negligence of one or more of the drivers involved, but in some cases, collisions are the result of a mechanical failure. There are five major things on any car that can fail on your vehicle and cause an accident. These safety tips are being offered by Anderson Behel, the finest body shop in Silicon Valley—with more certifications, training and cutting-edge equipment and repair techniques than any other collision facility in northern California.

1.) Brakes: Brakes are the most common part of the car that fails and that can cause accidents. As time goes on, brake pads continually wear down. Many drivers don’t have their brakes fixed soon enough, causing their brakes to ultimately fail. Being unable to stop is very dangerous and it can be almost impossible to avoid an accident when this occurs. In addition, ABS brake systems can occasionally fail and that’s why rear end accidents are usually caused.

2.) Tires: Another part of the car that needs to be properly maintained is the tires. If they become worn down they can blow out, and that can lead to losing the control of the car and having an accident. The tread of the tires is important to keeping traction on the road and if it has worn down too much it can be dangerous. When there is ice or snow on the roads it can get even be harder for the tires to grip the road.

3.) Wipers: Wipers that aren’t working correctly can cause accidents as well. Many people let these go too long without replacing them and that’s when the problems arise. In some cases, the motors controlling the wipers can simply malfunction, and that can keep the wipers from moving. If you can’t see the road, you’re not in control and changing wiper blades is an easy task. In some cases, you can actually do it yourself, thereby saving money and time.

4.) Head Lights: Head lights and tail lights are important to be able to see well enough to avoid an accident. Many accidents happen at night and in some cases, faulty headlights are the cause. Even if the lights are dim, it can be hard to see brake lights or turn signals. That can end up being very dangerous, and make it hard to see this car on the road. Frequently check up on the functionality of all of your lights to avoid having an accident due to lights that are malfunctioning.

5.) Steering: Steering issues are also the cause of many accidents. Steering is normally a complex system in any car, and there are many parts and components within it that can malfunction. These parts also become worn down over time, and that can lead to the entire steering system failing. When there is no control over the steering of your car that’s when dangerous accidents can occur.

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