35 Years Dedicated to Teaching Tomorrow’s Techs

on Thursday, 05 June 2014. Posted in People

Congrats to Peter Lock

Lock 2At Anderson Behel, we have some of the best-trained techs not just in the state, but in the entire country. And people like Peter Lock make the collision repair industry better by training tomorrow's technicians. Hats off to Peter Lock for 35 years of serving our industry well!

Peter Lock has been a collision repair professor at Contra Costa College (CCC) in San Pablo, CA since 1979, long before most of his current students were even born. It’s been a great ride and a highly satisfying journey for this 58 year-old devotee to the collision industry and his students. A hands-on professor who connects to his students by caring about them and showing it, Lock is starting to think about retirement as he looks back at 35 years in the role.

The auto services department at CCC trains people how to be auto service technicians, customizers, body repair specialists, mechanics, painters, damage appraisers, collision repair technicians, parts technicians and smog technicians. The school offers a two-year, four-semester program in either auto repair collision repair technology or auto mechanics, Lock said. Each semester consists of a combination of classroom teaching and hands-on laboratory studies.

It seems like a long time ago, Lock said, but he still remembers his early years as a rookie teacher vividly, "I started teaching here when I was 23 and things weren't as high-tech back then. For one, there weren’t very many auto tech schools around like there are now. Almost everyone had to start at the bottom and learn the business that way, by doing it themselves. I tell my students that learning never ends just because you graduate or get a job. I've learned at least 10 times more than I knew when I first started this job and that’s been one of the great things about it." 

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