10 More Fun Facts About Porsche

on Wednesday, 24 April 2019.

Porsche is amongst the most coveted cars, by people all over the world. But, there are a whole lot of lesser-known things that you might not know. So, here we present 30 amazing things that you didn't know about Porsche.
1. The founder of Porsche, Ferdinand Porsche, founder worked for a company, titled, Lohner, where he created electric cars, powered by electric motor.
2. Porsche founder made the first hybrid car in the world, way back in 1899. Named, "Semper Vivus" the car was an electric car and the generator was created using an internal combustion motor.
3. "Semper Vivus," the first electric car that was built by the founder had brakes on all of its four wheels. Another world's first!
4. Do you know where the first VW Beetle was built? It was in the private villa of Ferdinand Porsche.
5. Porsche founder built the "Sascha" on request for, Austro-Daimler, who was a rich filmmaker. The car was much smaller than other cars but was a lot more powerful.
6. Ferdinand Porsche proved the point with "Sascha" that smaller cars are more successful when it comes to winning a race. The car won 43 races, which includes the 1922's Targa Florio, the legendary automobile race.
7. Ferdinand Porsche was also the designer for the Auto Union cars. The collection also featured the Auto Union P, which had a mid-mounted 16 cylinder engine.
8. The year 1939 saw Ferdinand Porsche coming up with the fastest car on Earth of that time, the Mercedes-Benz type 80.
9. The Mercedes-Benz type 80 had a projected top speed of 470 mph. However, the record run was marked a quarter century later.
10. The horse on the Porsche Crest and the Ferrari Crest are similar. However, for Porsche, it makes a lot more sense as it is an integral part of Stuttgart, the home of Porsche.
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