10 Loving Automotive Gifts for Valentine's Day 2020

on Monday, 10 February 2020.

Anderson Behel Will Save You Some Time for V-Day

Looking for a last-minute Valentine's Day gift for that special car lover in your life? Spare yourself the effort of putting together the most “romantic gift” and use this list from Anderson Behel in Santa Clara to give your partner something they truly want. More car stuff! 
1. Headlight Restoration
Not only are cloudy headlights dangerous, but they’re also incredibly annoying. Surprise your sweetheart with headlight restoration this Valentine's Day for a gift that keeps giving. We recommend Fix It Right Auto Repair give them a call today at 417-862-8447 and schedule an appointment.
2. Car Detailing
Give your lover a certificate to get their other baby pampered. Akin to a spay day, they’ll love their car looking refreshed, rejuvenated, and 5 years younger. If you want some cool detailing then you can go to a wash and vac auto detailer in Kingsland GA to get it done.
3. Car Wash Kit
Give your partner everything they need to make their car sparkle. Make it an even better gift by offering to take care of the first wash. Check out the Meguiars Complete Car Care Kit for $51.99.
4. Car Cover
With all the energy your lover spends on their car, shouldn’t you help them protect it from the harsh elements with a new car cover? What’s more romantic than looking out for your partner's prized possession? Check out this MATCC All Season Car Cover for $37.96.
5. Mechanics Tool Kit
Nothing tops a new good set of tools. If your partner is still using the tools they’ve had for over 20 years then maybe it’s time to get em’ a new set they can be proud of. One of our favorites is this Apollo 95 Piece Mechanic Tool Kit for $57.30.
If the car lover in your life repairs cars quite often then they will probably already have updated tools. When this happens, just look for tools that can make their life even easier when they’re under the hood of a car. For example, take a look at this cordless ratchet buyer’s guide to finding a ratchet that will save them lots of time when they need to screw nuts and bolts!
6. Jump Starter
Having jumper cables is one thing, but equipping your partner with their own jump starter ensures self-reliance & means you’ll be able to get home quicker if problems ever arise. One of our favorites is the Stanley FATMAX J7CS for $39.98.
7. Driving Gloves
It may sound old-fashioned but driving gloves can make a fantastic gift for your partner. Have your lover feeling like Steve Mcqueen in a new pair of driving gloves. Major plus if they have a classic car. Check out these Shaf International Driving Gloves for $14.99.
8. Car Safety Kit
Show how much you care about your partner with an emergency safety kit that they can store in their trunk or glove box. You never know where the road may lead or what may happen, so don’t let your partner be caught unprepared. Featuring both first-aid and automotive emergency items, these practical all-in-one kits can help protect you in the event of an automobile breakdown or personal injury. Check out this AAA 64 Piece Premium Traveler Road Kit for $39.99
9. Steering Wheel Cover
Keep your partner's hands warm in the winter and cool in the summer with a steering wheel cover that provides extra grip. Have a look at this Steering Wheel Universal Cover for $23.99.
10. Phone Mount
Perfect for the person who is perpetually navigating with their phone in one hand and the steering wheel in the other. A phone mount will allow your lover to drive undistracted and focus more on getting you to your destination safely. One of our favorites is the iOttie Easy One Touch Universal Mount for $18.02.
If none of those take your fancy and you’re looking for something specific, have a look around. For example, if your partner has an MX5 that they’re getting track-ready, taking a look at the best coilovers for NA Miatas is a good starting point. Being specific to your partner's car and helping them customize their dream is definitely a brownie point catcher! With having a car being essential for many people, sites such as My Debt Relief Plan know all to well when it comes to being an owner of a car and learning how to keep the costs down. With saving more money, you can now spend even more on car-related accessories for your partner.

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