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Can Wearing a Face Mask Protect you from the Coronavirus?

on Tuesday, 24 March 2020.

During these crazy and uncertain times, all of us at Anderson Behel in Santa, CA are going to be providing public service announcements on our blog to hopefully help people as we return to normalcy.

Can wearing a medical face mask protect you against the new coronavirus? It's a question many people are asking, including pet owners who are putting canine face masks on their dogs.

If it's a regular surgical face mask, the answer is no, Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease specialist at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee, told Live Science.

A more specialized mask, known as an N95 respirator, can protect against the new coronavirus, also called SARS-CoV-2. The respirator is thicker than a surgical mask, but neither Schaffner nor the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) recommend it for public use, at least not at this point.

Will Face Masks Fight the Coronavirus?

That's because, in part, it's challenging to put on these masks and wear them for long periods of time, he said.

Specialists receive retraining annually on how to properly fit these respirators around the nose, cheeks and chin, ensuring that wearers don't breathe around the edges of the respirator. "When you do that, it turns out that the work of breathing, since you're going through a very thick material, is harder. You have to work to breathe in and out. It's a bit claustrophobic. It can get moist and hot in there," Schaffner said.

"I know that I can wear them when I need to for about a half-hour," he added. "But then, I have to go out of the isolation room, take it off and take some deep breaths, kind of cool off, before I can go back in."

While it still might be possible to snag an N95 respirator online, Schaffner advised against it. If too many people unnecessarily stockpile respirators, a shortage could put the health of medical workers and those who need them at risk, Schaffner said.

Surgical masks

The thinner surgical mask is intended for surgeons because these products do a good job of keeping pathogens from the doctor's nose and mouth from entering the surgical field, Schaffner said.

In some Asian countries, such as Japan and China, it's not uncommon to see people wearing surgical masks in public to protect against pathogens and pollution. But those masks don't help much in the context of a virus, Schaffner said. "They're not designed to keep out viral particles, and they're not nearly as tightly fitted around your nose and cheeks" as an N95 respirator, he said.

"Could they be of some use? Yes, but the effect is likely to be modest," Schaffner said.

He noted that some people wear surgical masks because they are sick with a cold or the flu and they don't want to get other people sick. But if you're sick, it's best just not to go to public areas. "That's the time to stay home," Schaffner said.

People sick with COVID-19, however, should wear face masks to reduce the risk of infection to people around them, according to the CDC. Health care workers and those "taking care of someone infected with COVID-19 in close settings (at home or in a healthcare facility)," should also wear face masks, the CDC reported.

People wearing surgical masks should dispose of them after each use, the CDC added.

Otherwise, the best way to avoid getting the coronavirus is to, first and foremost, postpone any travel to places with known outbreaks. You can also thoroughly wash your hands with soap; avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands; avoid close contact with people who are sick; and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces, the CDC recommends.

As for pet owners putting face masks on their dogs, a Pomeranian dog in Hong Kong tested positive a "weak positive" for COVID-19. That dog is now in quarantine, but is not showing symptoms of the disease, according to a March 5 piece in the South China Morning Post. However, it's unclear how the dog was tested for the illness. What's more, it doesn't appear that pets can transmit the virus to humans, and experts told people with pets not to panic.

Rather than put face masks on pets, the CDC advises that people ill with COVID-19 avoid animals, just as they would other people.

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Prom Driving Safety Tips

on Tuesday, 10 March 2020.

As we start thinking about prom season and the celebratory time that follows, it’s important to take a few moments to talk with teens about keeping themselves and others safe during this exciting time.

Teenagers are especially at risk on the road as motor vehicle accidents are the number one killer of teens in the nation. According to the US stats, ten teens die every day from injuries sustained in car wrecks, and unfortunately, California is no exception.

These tips (brought to you from all of us at Anderson Behel) will help keep you (or your teen) safe on the road during prom season, and beyond.

1) Avoid driving if you can: Get a group of friends together and rent a limo, or ask a cool relative to act as your chauffeur if a limo isn’t in your budget.

2) Don’t drink & drive: Each year in the U.S., over 10,000 people are killed and 350,000 injured due do drunk driving. Everyone thinks it won’t happen to them.

3) Don’t get in the car with someone who’s been drinking: Have a back-up plan or someone you can call if your ride has been drinking.

4) Buckle your seatbelt: In 2010, the use of seat belts in passenger vehicles saved an estimated 12,546 lives. And according to the 2009 National Occupant Protection Use Survey (NOPUS) Controlled Intersection Study found that seat-belt use continued to be lower among 16 to 24-year-olds than other age groups.

5) Refrain from using your cell phone and other mobile devices while driving: A University of Utah study shows that distractions from cell phone use impair drivers’ concentration and reaction times as much as a driver with a .08 blood alcohol concentration, the illegal limit.

6) Save texting for the parking lot: A Clemson University study shows that text messaging and iPods cause drivers to leave their lanes 10 percent more often than undistracted drivers.

7) Create a driving playlist before you turn on your car: Surfing through the radio or your MP3 player to find a good song takes your attention away from the road and is another distraction. According to a study released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has reported that 80% of crashes and 65% of near-crashes involve some form of driver distraction.

8) Follow the speed limits – they exist for your safety: More than half of teenage drivers involved in motor vehicle accidents were speeding at the time of the incident. Breaking the speed limit is illegal and dangerous.

9) Don’t let road rage get the best of you: Road rage inhibits logic, fosters erratic behavior on the road and can quickly escalate into a wreck. Separate your emotions from your driving.

10) Disable incoming and outgoing calls: When behind the wheel, use a service like DriveAssist, ZoomSafer or cellCONTROL, or simply turn your phone off.

So, talk to your teenagers and let's make it a safe prom and graduation season, brought to you by Anderson Behel, the body shop that cares.

Sources: NHTSA and AAA

Thank You Rachel P. for an Amazing 5-Star Yelp Review

on Wednesday, 04 March 2020.

At Anderson Behel, we make customer service a really big deal. We strive to please every customer with every repair every day. So, when we get a spectacular review like this one, it means a lot and shows us that our hard work is paying off! 

"This is the first Yelp review I've left in years, but I was so impressed by Anderson Behel's incredible customer service and excellent work that I felt I needed to write something. When I arrived at Anderson Behel I was, I must admit, in something of an emotional state over my car. An amazing employee Jeff took me out to take a look at my car and listened carefully and genuinely to make sure they would get me exactly what I was looking for in terms of the repair. He was patient, understanding, and clearly cared not only about what happened to my car but about my safety and my financial stress when it came to paying for this repair.
After leaving the car with them that day, they had quoted me 6-8 days for the repair to be complete. They called me THE NEXT DAY to say that my car was ready.
I have never been so impressed by an automotive shop. I typically feel anxious when getting work done on my car, as I know I've been taken advantage of in the past, but this was absolutely not the case here. Thank you so much to Jeff, Mariah, Mark, and everyone who helped me at Anderson Behel. I whole-heartedly recommend Anderson Behel to anyone in need of a high-quality fix at a shop with wonderful service." -Rachel P., Fountain Valley, CA 

How to Keep Your Child Safe in Your Car

on Saturday, 22 February 2020.

The Right Seat for the Right Reasons at the Right Time

The best way to keep your child safe in the car is to use the right car seat in the right way. Here are some car seat safety tips to protect your most precious cargo from all of us at Anderson Behel in Santa Clara, CA.

Hard Facts about Safety in Cars

  • Road injuries are the leading cause of preventable deaths and injuries to children in the United States.
  • Correctly used child safety seats can reduce the risk of death by as much as 71 percent.
  • More than half of car seats are not used or installed correctly.

Top Tips about Car Seat Safety

Buying the right car seat. Your baby needs to ride in a rear-facing car seat as long as possible until 2 or more years. When your child has outgrown that seat, you are ready for a forward-facing car seat. Get more details about buying the right car seat for your child.

Installing your car seat. You’ll need to decide on using either the seat belt or lower anchors to secure your car seat. Both are safe but don’t use them both at the same time. Once your child is forward-facing, it is important to use the tether with the seat belt or lower anchors. Get more details about installing your car seat.

Getting the right fit. A properly-fitted harness gives the best possible protection for your child. Here are more details about getting the right fit for your child.

When to change your car seat. Look on the car seat label to make sure your child is still within the weight, height and age limits for that seat. Get details about when to change your car seat.

Follow these tips to ensure your child’s safety and you will get that much-needed peace of mind that every parent covets.

About Anderson Behel

With today’s sophisticated cars, it’s more important than ever that your body shop is certified to repair your type of vehicle. At Anderson Behel, Silicon Valley’s leading collision repair company, we’re proud to hold several certifications, which means we’re a Honda Certified Body Shop, Acura Authorized Body Shop, Nissan Authorized Body Shop, Subaru Auto Body Shop a Porsche Collision Center and most recently a Volvo certified shop. What does this mean? At Anderson Behel, we’ve invested in the finest training, equipment and tools to do an O.E. repair on each and every Honda, Porsche, Acura, Volvo, Nissan and Subaru that comes into our shop. Why not work with a body shop that is qualified, experienced and certified by the carmaker itself to work on your car? It just makes good sense and that’s why we proudly tell the world that we’re certified on some of the world's finest vehicles.

Sources: and AOL

Comedian Tim Allen’s Favorite Porsche

on Monday, 17 February 2020.

You can own it if you have a million bucks sitting around...

Tim Allen got his big-time start as a stand-up comedian in the early 1980s. It wasn't until 1991 that Tim began the most important role of his life, starring as Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor in the TV show Home Improvement. Shortly after the premiere of his show, he starred in The Santa Clause, which only further launched Allen to fame and notoriety. He now stars in his own TV show, Last Man Standing, and has done continuous voice-over work for Pixar-Disney.

At Anderson Behel in Santa Clara, CA, we are proud to be a Porsche-certified collision facility. When it comes to fixing these highly sophisticated vehicles, many are called but only a few (like us) can make the cut.

Tim is well-known for his car collection, one that consists of more older cars than newer. This is because, as Tim puts it, “I'm old!” Tim has also had big corporations build cars for him, a couple of which come to mind as the Cadillac Deville DTSi and the Saleen Windstar, both of which we'll go over shortly. Tim is also currently building a custom hot rod named Viktor which you can check out the build status of on his online video streaming channel.

Allen has an enormous car collection that fluctuates in size constantly. Here is a glimpse at The Tool Man’s favorite Porsche.

2004 Porsche Carrera GT

One of only 604 cars delivered to the US, this Carrera GT stands as one of the only supercars he's ever owned. With 605 horsepower on tap and almost no assists, the Carrera GT is often proclaimed to be the last of the true supercars and the best since, perhaps, the Ferrari F40. Though the car may be pretty extreme, it served as Tim Allen's daily driver for about a year after he bought it. He states that the car is “unmistakably the hardest car to drive” in his whole collection! He bought the car new in 2004 and owned it right up until last year when he sold it for $715,000!

About Anderson Behel

With today’s sophisticated cars, it’s more important than ever that your body shop is certified to repair your type of vehicle. At Anderson Behel, Silicon Valley’s leading collision repair company, we’re proud to hold several certifications, which means we’re a Honda Certified Body Shop, Acura Authorized Body Shop, Nissan Authorized Body Shop, Subaru Auto Body Shop a Porsche Collision Center and most recently a Volvo certified shop. What does this mean? At Anderson Behel, we’ve invested in the finest training, equipment and tools to do an O.E. repair on each and every Honda, Porsche, Acura, Volvo, Nissan and Subaru that comes into our shop. Why not work with a body shop that is qualified, experienced and certified by the carmaker itself to work on your car? It just makes good sense and that’s why we proudly tell the world that we’re certified on some of the world's finest vehicles.


Sources: Autoblog and CNN 


10 Loving Automotive Gifts for Valentine's Day 2020

on Monday, 10 February 2020.

Anderson Behel Will Save You Some Time for V-Day

Looking for a last-minute Valentine's Day gift for that special car lover in your life? Spare yourself the effort of putting together the most “romantic gift” and use this list from Anderson Behel in Santa Clara to give your partner something they truly want. More car stuff! 
1. Headlight Restoration
Not only are cloudy headlights dangerous, but they’re also incredibly annoying. Surprise your sweetheart with headlight restoration this Valentine's Day for a gift that keeps giving. We recommend Fix It Right Auto Repair give them a call today at 417-862-8447 and schedule an appointment.
2. Car Detailing
Give your lover a certificate to get their other baby pampered. Akin to a spay day, they’ll love their car looking refreshed, rejuvenated, and 5 years younger. If you want some cool detailing then you can go to a wash and vac auto detailer in Kingsland GA to get it done.
3. Car Wash Kit
Give your partner everything they need to make their car sparkle. Make it an even better gift by offering to take care of the first wash. Check out the Meguiars Complete Car Care Kit for $51.99.
4. Car Cover
With all the energy your lover spends on their car, shouldn’t you help them protect it from the harsh elements with a new car cover? What’s more romantic than looking out for your partner's prized possession? Check out this MATCC All Season Car Cover for $37.96.
5. Mechanics Tool Kit
Nothing tops a new good set of tools. If your partner is still using the tools they’ve had for over 20 years then maybe it’s time to get em’ a new set they can be proud of. One of our favorites is this Apollo 95 Piece Mechanic Tool Kit for $57.30.
If the car lover in your life repairs cars quite often then they will probably already have updated tools. When this happens, just look for tools that can make their life even easier when they’re under the hood of a car. For example, take a look at this cordless ratchet buyer’s guide to finding a ratchet that will save them lots of time when they need to screw nuts and bolts!
6. Jump Starter
Having jumper cables is one thing, but equipping your partner with their own jump starter ensures self-reliance & means you’ll be able to get home quicker if problems ever arise. One of our favorites is the Stanley FATMAX J7CS for $39.98.
7. Driving Gloves
It may sound old-fashioned but driving gloves can make a fantastic gift for your partner. Have your lover feeling like Steve Mcqueen in a new pair of driving gloves. Major plus if they have a classic car. Check out these Shaf International Driving Gloves for $14.99.
8. Car Safety Kit
Show how much you care about your partner with an emergency safety kit that they can store in their trunk or glove box. You never know where the road may lead or what may happen, so don’t let your partner be caught unprepared. Featuring both first-aid and automotive emergency items, these practical all-in-one kits can help protect you in the event of an automobile breakdown or personal injury. Check out this AAA 64 Piece Premium Traveler Road Kit for $39.99
9. Steering Wheel Cover
Keep your partner's hands warm in the winter and cool in the summer with a steering wheel cover that provides extra grip. Have a look at this Steering Wheel Universal Cover for $23.99.
10. Phone Mount
Perfect for the person who is perpetually navigating with their phone in one hand and the steering wheel in the other. A phone mount will allow your lover to drive undistracted and focus more on getting you to your destination safely. One of our favorites is the iOttie Easy One Touch Universal Mount for $18.02.
If none of those take your fancy and you’re looking for something specific, have a look around. For example, if your partner has an MX5 that they’re getting track-ready, taking a look at the best coilovers for NA Miatas is a good starting point. Being specific to your partner's car and helping them customize their dream is definitely a brownie point catcher! With having a car being essential for many people, sites such as My Debt Relief Plan know all to well when it comes to being an owner of a car and learning how to keep the costs down. With saving more money, you can now spend even more on car-related accessories for your partner.

Sources: Forbes and AOL News 

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