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Believe It or Not: Jay Leno Flies a DeLorean Hovercraft!

on Monday, 03 August 2020.

Here’s one for all 1980 Back to the Future fans out there, whether you grew up during that crazy decade or simply looked back upon it fondly, you know that DeLorean was the coolest car on the planet.

Together, the film Back to the Future and its incredible time-traveling DeLorean are iconic legends from the era, and Doc Brown’s closing speech at the end of the first movie is arguably the most famous words in all of 1980s pop culture. Sadly, an actual flying DeLorean never became a reality, but a huge superfan of the film recently built a cutting-edge top-of-the shelf DeLorean that can actually (sitting down?) hover.

Genius Inventor Matt Riese is the man behind this chin-dropping build, which was featured recently in a short clip from the reality show Jay Leno’s Garage featured on YouTube. If you want to learn as much as you can about this vehicle, visit, a very cool webpage Riese set up to feature the hovercraft and yes—get this—it’s for sale. If you have $45,000, it’s yours, but a previous eBay sale for that amount fell through, so you might get a better price.

In any case, what do you get for the 45 grand? First off, it is not a real genuine DeLorean. Even a fully gutted stainless-steel body would be way too top-heavy for a functional hovercraft, so the inventor built this all from scratch completely out of Styrofoam wrapped in fiberglass. It is finished with metallic paint to give it that stainless steel vibe, and while it is not as structurally sound as an actual DeLorean, the fiberglass-encased foam should be rigid while also being extremely light.

 The unique construction also enabled Riese to build this faux DeLorean as a hovercraft from the ground up. According to his engaging website, the build was based on a series of blueprints for a Universal Hovercraft UH-13PT – a very common sport hovercraft with a single lift-engine in front, and a thrust engine at the back. That’s exactly what this build uses, with a small lawnmower engine powering a 24-inch fan for lift. For speed, a larger 23-horsepower twin-cylinder engine turns a 36-inch fan.

 The DeLorean shape is perfect, right down to the wheels folded up for hover mode. Even the thrust fan doesn’t look out-of-place since the movie vehicle had big exhaust ports at the rear. At night, the hover skirt lights up exactly like the time-traveling version on the big screen.

Sources: Autobody News and Associated Press


5-Stars Baby!

on Saturday, 25 July 2020.

Look's like we did it again!

"I have worked with this shop twice for my Nissan Versa Note and both times they were polite, timely, and did amazing work. They worked with my insurance for payment and (aside from my deductible, of course) I didn't have to worry about the money side of the fixes, both of which were freak accidents that didn't involve any other persons or vehicles. The first one I hit a rim on a very dark road, which pushed my front passenger panel back, so I couldn't open the door. The second, was my rear bumper cover randomly fell off while I was driving on the freeway. Luckily it held on by one bolt on the driver's side, so I just pulled over and put it in my car. I called them the day after both incidents happened and they got me in that week, took them one week to fix the bodywork, and I'm back on the road. PS... my car now looks NEWER than when I purchased it 4 years ago. 5 stars for service, consistency, and quality. THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!"

-Danielle H., Santa Clara, CA 

Distracted Driving is A Dangerous and Crazy Game

on Saturday, 18 July 2020.

In an age of multitasking, drivers have turned their cars into offices, chat rooms, and cafeterias. What happened to the old days when a car was simply a car? It’s not at all unusual to see a distracted driver on their way to work munching on a breakfast sandwich, using their cell phone, and changing the radio stations while weaving in and out of traffic. Every once in awhile, you might see a guy shaving or a woman applying her makeup on the freeway. We’ve seen it so many times here at Anderson Behel in Santa Clara, CA that it no longer shocks us, to be honest.

This type of distracted driving is a sure-fire recipe for a costly and, possibly, deadly accident. If safety is foremost in your mind, there are certain, commonsense practices you should avoid doing while driving your car. Here are some “distracted driving” practices to stay away from.

A Car or a Beauty Salon?

Unfortunately, some people wake up too late in the morning and don’t have enough time to primp and preen before they leave the house. So, their rearview mirror serves double duty as a makeup mirror while they dutifully apply their requisite coats of Great Lash mascara. Some people apply their entire face while driving from home to work each morning. If you want to avoid a major accident, get up ten minutes earlier and fix your face before you leave the house.

A Car or an Office?

Cell phones certainly make life easier, sometimes too easy. What did people do before they had these handheld marvels of technology? Probably had fewer accidents. Not only are you distracted when you lower your head to dial the number, but it’s easy to become so absorbed in the conversation that you miss traffic signs and lights or forget to brake and slam into the car in front of you. Even more concerning is the use of text messaging while driving. One study showed that people using handheld devices while driving are just as impaired as those driving drunk, yet cell phones are still legal. Makes you wonder.

A Car or a Restaurant?

Sure, everyone needs to eat, but not when they’re driving. It’s highly unlikely a person will be able to react quickly when they’re holding a Big Mac in one hand and the steering wheel in the other. Not only is eating while driving a risk to life and limb, but it’s also bad for digestion.

A Car or a Library?

 Yes, believe it or not, there are people who read while driving. Would it surprise you to learn that forty percent of people engage in some form of reading or writing while cruising around town? Anything from making lists to reading a magazine for pleasure was noted when in-car video cameras were used to see what people did in their cars. Do yourself a favor and get an audiobook to keep you stimulated when you’re on the road.

Let Your Car Be a Car!

The bottom line? When you’re driving, focus on the task at hand. Distracted driving can not only raise your insurance rates but could be a quick ticket to the hospital or worse. Don’t take chances when you’re behind the wheel by concentrating on the most important thing you can do--the safe operation of a large motorized hunk of steel (or aluminum) out there on the road. As a responsible citizen and driver, you have an obligation to be safe, so that you can live a good long life and remain as a valuable customer at Anderson Behel, a company that truly cares.

Sources: USA Today and CNN

Do You Own a Classic Car: The Different Stages of Restoring Classic Vehicles

on Thursday, 09 July 2020.

Are you into American muscle cars, foreign high-end exotics, or something in between? Depending on the type of classic vehicle you want to restore and what level of restoration you wish to achieve, here are the dos and don’ts of restoring a classic car.

Here Anderso Behel in Santa Clara, CA we are delighted to share this list of the basic levels of vehicle restoration to consider when you restore your classic car. It all depends on your goals surrounding your particular budget and purpose. Will your car be for show only, or will you drive it regularly? Do you want it to be all original or add new technology?

The Pros and Cons of Going 100% Original:  If you plan to drive your classic car on even a semi-regular basis, it needs to adhere to today’s legal standards and regulations, which might require you to use modified parts, modern technology, and/or pay a visit to a professional if only to have your automobile examined for safety.

Go with Existing Parts Whenever Possible:  You should not have to replace every part of your classic vehicle! Some damaged parts and components can be cleaned and hopefully repaired. Authentic reproduction parts can be costly or completely unavailable, so consider refurbishments and repairs to save significant money and time.

It is All About Every Detail:  The little details can make all the difference in the world! Whether you want to upgrade the car or use new technology as opposed to going for that 100% old-school, don’t ignore the little things.

Using OEM vs. Aftermarket Replacement Parts: Just like with today’s new vehicles, most classic cars can be repaired and restored with parts made by the original carmaker or those manufactured by other OEMs.

It’s Not a DIY Project:  Whether your classic restoration car is a family project or if you are looking to get it done quickly so that you can go for a ride—do not think that you have to restore your classic vehicle yourself. Tools, time, and learning how to perform safe repairs can all be a significant investment, so do not be afraid to get help from a professional restoration company or a master technician.

Maintenance is Key:  Every classic car, new or old, will require proper maintenance to stay in tip-top condition. Do your research online or ask your local repair shop about how often you need to do things such as changing the oil, rotate the tires, and check for some serious repairs on your classic car after it has been restored.

Restoring a classic vehicle can be a huge investment in time and money, so develop a game plan and get experts to help you when needed.

Sources: MotorWeek and Hemmings Motor News

Top Five Fourth of July Songs

on Saturday, 04 July 2020.

1.) America - Neil Diamond

From the god-awful soundtrack to the god-awful movie The Jazz Singer, "Coming to America" is Neil Diamond at his overblown best. When Neil breaks into "My Country Tis of Thee," listeners will either get goosebumps or waves of nausea

2.) Indoor Fireworks - Elvis Costello

The explosions at the heart of this great song have nothing to do with the 4th, but the passion and emotion in Costello's voice is still a marvel.

3.) Fourth of July - Dave Alvin

Robert Earl Keen does a killer version of this roots-rock classic, but Alvin's original is a powerful song that incorporates the holiday into a tale of a relationship going sour

4.) Born in the USA - Bruce Springsteen

The Boss wrote this anthem of independence and respect for all the right reasons. Many people picked this #1, but it made #4 on our list. 

5.) America the Beautiful - Ray Charles

The legendary Ray Charles tackles a patriotic warhorse and turns into a true expression of the freedom and selflessness that makes American great.

Sources: Dallas Morning News and Entertainment Tonight

Happy 4th of July from all of us at Anderson Behel, the finest body shop in the USA! 

How to Handle a Collision with an Uninsured Driver

on Wednesday, 24 June 2020.

Ideally, and according to the law, every driver in the United States would be insured. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Unfortunately, uninsured and underinsured drivers are on the roads, and you have no way of knowing when you’ll come across one.

At Anderson Behel in Santa Clara, CA, we are happy to share helpful informative articles with our friends, customers, associates and business partners.

What is an underinsured driver?

An uninsured driver is one who is on the road without auto insurance. An underinsured driver, however, is one that has insurance, but the limit isn’t high enough to cover the damage caused in an accident.

Every insurance policy comes with a limit to what the insurance company will cover, and individuals can choose the limit they want for their policy. But, if a driver is in an accident with an expensive car or a collision that causes a lot of costly damage, the limit may not be high enough.

How do I handle a collision with an underinsured driver?

The basics of a collision with an underinsured driver are the same as an accident with any other driver.

● Make sure you and your passengers are okay,

● Check on the driver and passengers in the other vehicle,

● If the other driver is leaving the scene, make sure to get as much information from them as possible.

● Call the police and ask if they have any requests before they arrive,

● Request an ambulance,

● Take photos of the scene,

● If possible, move the vehicles out of the way of traffic,

● Wait for the police to arrive and make an accident report,

● Contact your insurance company and your collision repair technician to take care of your car and make a claim.

The main difference between an accident with an underinsured driver and an adequately insured driver is that you’ll need to see if your insurance company will cover the costs that the other driver and his or her insurance company is unable to pay.

Do I have to pay?

Whether or not your insurance company will pay for the costs associated with your accident depend on your insurance policy. Many insurance companies offer uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, so that when you are in an accident with an underinsured motorist, your policy is intended to cover the costs, up to your limit.

Sources: AAA and AARP

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