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Professional A+ customer service! Anybody who has had body work knows that it can be expensive. The price varies on the damage, type of work that needs to be done, and how much time it's going to take. I found the price to repair to be fair, and reasonable.
- Yvonne C. San Jose, CA
After a DRUNK 80 something year old man rear ended me and denied he even did it, I was pretty sad. I took it to Anderson Behel and from there it was nothing but smooth sailing. Fran, Miraiah, and BILLY took such great care of me and especially my car. They had all the repairs done in 2 days! Great customer service!
- Michelle P. Sunnyvale, CA
This place is GREAT! I did some self inflicted damage to my car backing up in my driveway (tail lights, bumper, corner damage). They had my car for 1 week, during which they called me several times to give me updates. When it came time to pick up my car, the pickup couldn't have been easier!
- April L. Scotts Valley, CA
I got my car serviced here awhile back since I got rear-ended. I am quite pleased with their professorial service and attention to detail that they provided for me and my car. Even though I was rear-ended they also gave my car some detailing making it look 5 years newer!
- Justin L. Santa Clara, CA
From day one, I received calls updating me on the progress and what the next step was in order to get my car repaired. The entire staff was friendly and courteous, both on the phone and in person. Another nice thing about Anderson is that they have a lifetime guarantee on repairs!
- David C. Santa Clara, CA
I was very satisified with my experiance here. The price I was quoted by Anderson Behel was the price I paid- no hidden costs or mark ups. I was quoted 4 days turn around on repair time and my car was ready in 4 days. I was updated twice in the 4 day time span.
- Linda S. San Jose, CA
I am a repeat customer at Anderson Behel Body Shop. They do FANTASTIC work, are friendly, and really take care of their guests! I would highly recommend them to anyone. They take care of the big stuff and the small stuff. To say the least they are very professional, timely and just great people to work with. I will continue to bring me car in when ever I need a repaint.

- Jon W., Bay Area

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